The flight with two kids

Flying with kids. The mere thought of it can send some people into a tailspin. (har har) By the age of two, Chanbe had been on over 20 domestic flights, so my little guy is a seasoned traveller. And he was always an easy baby on a plane – he would fall asleep as soon as we would take off and not wake up til we landed.

Quindy is another story. My little girl is the easiest baby in so many ways, but she is quite the handful on a plane. Not in a misbehaved, bratty way, just in a 1-year-old curious way. And she has never slept on a flight thus far. No matter what I distract her with, each thing only works for a few minutes before she’s looking for something else to do.

Her most favourite thing to do is walk up and down the aisle, grinning at her fellow passengers. It’s completely adorable, albeit a little tricky when we hit turbulence and we’re supposed to be sitting down. She does not like to be strapped into her seat belt on my lap.

Chanbe is now at the age where he is happy to do stickers or watch a movie, as long as there is a constant supply of food avaliable. He’s actually really great on flights which makes my life a little easier. So even though they’re both pretty well behaved, it’s absolutely exhausting travelling on a plane with kids.

On our most recent flight, with about 40 minutes to go, my energy stores were running low, as was my arsenal of kids entertainment. And then Quindy spotted it. “Bah! bah! bah! bah!” which means “please hand me that thing I’m madly pointing to immediately!”

An apple.

This magical apple got us all through the end of the flight, as well as the baggage collection, and half the car trip home. She couldn’t have been happier.

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