The night before

In 12 hours time I’ll be boarding my flight to Sydney, Hubs-less and child-less. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it to be honest, other than a little terrified. I know the kids will be fine – they’ll be spoilt rotten by their Gran and Grumpy and Ouma. I hope they miss me a little though 😉

And Hubs is back in Mount Isa. He’s okay, other than the fact he’s eating meat and ravioli out of a can. Yeuch.

I had a mild panic when I realised I haven’t packed yet, but packing for 1 is a little different to packing for 2 kids and a husband as well.

I think I’m a little scared of being away from my family, as in this point in time, they pretty much define me as a person. I’m a wife and a mum. And for now, that is good. That is enough.

I’m half way through my reset and restore, and I’m already feeling a little better. I’ve been spending great quality time with family and friends and have made a bunch of plans for the next 2 weeks as well. I’m being re-energised by those around me; by the cooler days;  by the rain I can hear right now; by walks along the water; by good coffee and good company.

All good things. And for now, it is enough.

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