The weekend in Gympie

This trip to Brisbane is all about me recharging and resetting. It’s about spending as much time with “my people” as I can, so I can return to Mount Isa full of positive energy and motivation. So when I contacted my friends Luke and Henna about a visit to their home in Gympie, I was delighted that they offered for us to stay the night and really make a weekend of it.

They also suggested that I invite a mutual friend and her family along for brunch and really make a weekend out of it! So that’s what’s happening tomorrow morning. This afternoon was spentwith our 2 eldest (they have a 4 year old daughter) playing nicely (as well as that age group does!) And Quindy bossing their youngest (they have a 9 month old son) around and trying to do all the fun things the big kids were doing, as well as sneaking bites of play dough while I wasn’t looking.

When I was growing up, Gympie was always the town where we stopped on our way to holiday along the Burrum River, near Hervey Bay. We would pull into the Tram Car Bakery for a pie or sweet pastry, a coffee (or milkshake for us kids) and a toilet stop, then we were off again. I really don’t know much else about the town or what is had to offer, but my friends are enjoying their time here for now.

So the kids are all in bed, almost asleep, and it’s nearly time for more catching up over hot cups of tea. I love a good old reminisce. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a sentimental fool.

We might even swing by the bakery tomorrow on our way out of town 😉

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