When life gives you boxes of wine and toilet paper

You make rockets.


Today has been a day where parenting, ah hell, where¬†adulting¬†has been a bit of a struggle. I thought it would be fun to make banana bread with the kids this morning, but between their naughtiness and my wafer-thin patience, there wasn’t much fun being had.

And then as we do every Friday at 9am, we went to the gym. The kids are normally pretty well behaved during my class but not today. They were absolutely feral. At one stage I almost started crying and wanted to leave but I took a breath and kept going and kept trying to be patient with them. Things didn’t get much better at home but I decided I had had enough yelling and disobedience for one day so I started making rockets out of the bottle dividers from a recent box (fine. 2 boxes) of wine we’d ordered and some toilet paper rolls.

The kids are happy now and so am I. And once the kids are in bed (only 6 hours to go!) I will be sampling said wines.

Of course I only buy the boxes of wine to make craft with the kids. The fact that they come with bottles of wine is just an added bonus I suppose…

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