10 things on the 10th

10 things I want to improve on in 2016:

  1. Keep a tidier house – seriously! Other people do it! Why can’t we!?
  2. Get our morning routine sorted – at the moment we rush and it’s stressful. Chance will be in Prep next year and I’m hoping that will actually help as we’ll be doing the same thing each morning.
  3. Increase exercise to 5-6 days per week from 4. I’ve gone from sporadic exercise to regular exercise, and now it’s time to up the ante.
  4. Join yoga class to help with mental health.
  5. Be able to do a 10km fun run – there’s one in May which is plenty of time!
  6. Not be so attached to the stuff in our house and get rid of a lot of it – See #1.
  7. Be more patient and present with my children – it’s end of year and I’m crazy tired and I heat want to be a nice person for my kids (and Hubs) to be around.
  8. Stick to a budget – I’m 35 and in charge or our family’s finances which are currently in the red. Enough us enough!
  9. More reading with the kids – this has fallen by the wayside lately due to interrupted routines and opting for short films instead. Must get this back on track.
  10. Start Christmas cards earlier next year – I love doing them but I don’t like being so rushed and not having time to write nice little messages on each one.


  1. In reference to goal #1, we have this amazing technique that was passed onto us some time ago. We almost couldn’t live without it. I think they call it a Robyn these days. I’ll have to tell you some time over coffee!

    1. Ah yes but there is a big difference between “tidy” and “clean”. Like right now the floors are clean but the dining room table us piled high with stuff! We actually just need to stop going to friggin’ garage sales and op shops! It’s an illness I tell you!

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