The Happy-haps

And there goes another week without blogging. Sheesh! So what’s been happening? Well this time last week I was stressed up to my eyeballs trying to decide whether to drive to Brisbane, or fly, or stay in Rockhampton for Christmas because my poor little brain wasn’t coping with it all! The short story is, I ended up booking flights for the kids and I, using frequent flyer points (for the win!), flying in tomorrow evening. Mum had already booked to come up on Thursday (yesterday) to drive back with us today which was the original plan.

So then at the gym on Tuesday, I put my back out. My damn sciatica is playing up again, so Wednesday was spent flat on my back on pain killers. I gotta say, it was nice to have a break for the day, but I could have done without the pain!

And then, as per our original plan, mum arrived yesterday to save the day! Or at least, to save me from the washing pile. So we are getting prepared for our flight at 5pm tomorrow and we are all very excited. We are sad to be leaving Hubs behind to study, but you know, that’s the way it goes.

Here’s our last week in pictures:

We finally got a new roof! May get a better picture for you.


Chance has been making some epic Lego vehicles all by himself!


Been reading a lot of Strangers in Paradise while resting my back.


It’s well and truly mango season!


I’m really excited about heading to Brisbane for Christmas. It’s going to be the first time all the great-grand children on my mum’s side of the family will be all together! Photo ops! See you soon everyone!



  1. Dear Footits! I found your letter from last year while tidying up. Then i got onto the blog…. excellent work I must say. Simpler and more personal than facebook. We are inspired.
    Sounds like you are all thriving up north and more importantly you manage to keep the grand parents in your life despite the distance.
    We were up in Mackay in July and really loved hanging out by the pool at that time of year. I’m not so sure on the summer heat though.
    Our boys are now 23 months and 5. They are great playmates most of the time. Aidan heads to prep next year and we too are looking forward to the regularity of routine. He’s heading to Little Bendigo, which is a small school of 75 or so. Next year we will both be part time and edging closer to the work life balance dream. I’ll take my exams for ACRRM and Jacki will have about 18 months full time equivalent for her training before fellowship.
    Though we have built a home here in Ballarat we do have a plan to travel Australia on locum rotation in about 3 or 4 years time and who knows what peice of paradise we will discover. Ballarat has been great for a stable training ground but it is much too big for us…especially if we wish to pursue a GP speciality.
    Until then, if you guys are ever in town you are more than welcome to stay.
    Have a great season and all the best for 2016.

    1. Hey Darren! Thanks for the comment! I think it’s officiant one of the longest ever left on my blog! Great to hear all your news and thanks for your Christmas card and letter as well. Just heard about the fires around your area. I trust you guys are all good. Hope to catch you soon.

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