A Mixed Bag

And it’s not even the 10th of the month! Although it seems to be fast approaching! Ugh. In fact, it is May the 4th today, International Star Wars Day. A lot of random things have been popping in to my head the last few days. What better place to share them, than here!

I love my kids, and I love watching movies at home. However, I do not like watching movies at home with my kids. They get so excited that I’m sitting with them, that they jump all over me and ask a million questions. Hard pass.

The kids are watching Ratatouille tonight. As a rule, I generally don’t like when animals and people interact in movies, but I love this movie. I also loved eating some delicious pasta with sauce from my freezer, made with love by my lovely friends who visited a few weeks ago. Delicious thanks ladies!!!

Me and the lovely Sarah

I spent a whole day (finally!) yesterday, child-free and unpacking and organising and sorting my house and it finally feels like my home. As I was getting ready for my shower last night, I found a piece of Lego stuck to my boob. I remembered that earlier, I was picking stuff up, I found some Lego and didn’t have a pocket so I stuffed it in my bra. Classy as.

People keep telling me to take time out for myself. And I do try, but Quinn has been particularly clingy lately (and super feisty!!) so “me time” is often “us time” but I do love colouring in, so it’s quite lovely. Today we had a couple of hours to kill while Chance was at a party, and I wanted to hit up a couple of op-shops, and she didn’t want to, so I pestered her for an hour until she finally caved. Winning.

Julius turns two in two weeks. He is so hilarious and cute and a delight and funny and adorable. But he is also nearly two, and he is all that comes with that territory. And I’m being re-introduced to all the challenges that come with two-year-olds. The tantrums, the defiance, the lack of effective communication skills, the getting in to everything, the fussy eating etc etc. It did occur to me that this is the first time I have had a two-year-old without a newborn in tow, so that’s got to be a plus, right? RIGHT???

Look at that strut!!

Julius has also be sick on and off all year. Hoping to have at least a few weeks off from illness now please!!!

Poor Bubba 🙁

Anyway, back to the date today. May the 4th has a very different meaning for me these days. It’s the day that Dr Andrew Bryant Died by suicide in 2017. My mum showed me the article when it came out, as he was her doctor at the time, and I remember it really saddened me. The day after Frith died, I told my cousin about the article that I had remembered, and told her that I needed to somehow get in touch with this Doctor’s wife. And because it’s Brisbane, my cousin knew someone who knew the family, and days later, I had Sue’s email address. We have been meeting up semi-regularly (not enough!) ever since, and she has been an amazing support to me.

So, Andrew, I never met you, but you sound like you were so like Frith; always the life of the party, quirky, intelligent, and a very deep thinker, and so much more. I hope the two of you are out there in The Force somewhere, watching over us all.

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