I’m trying not to stress

But it’s so hard.

I’ve left Hubs to finish everything off up in Rocky and I know he is capable but it’s so shite when you’re on your own.

Our ensuite as it turns out has some issues and is leaking through the floor so the tiles have had to be ripped up and are hopefully in the process of being replaced.

We just had thousands of dollars of electrical work done including a new a/c installed. I just got the bill today. I hope he has a 12 month payment plan because ouch.

I had an abysmal day looking, or should I say not looking at houses. I got cancelled on three times and got the shits and left.

I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself. I know these are all first world problems. I just need a break from thinking about the hundred things to do. I’m slowly making my way through my to do list and I know deep down it will work out. The process is just sucking at the moment. In a big way.

At least I have my gorgeous kids to remind me that life is good. Not to mention wonderful parents and family and the absolute best husband. Seriously. The best. And I miss him like crazy right now.

The great card mail out

It’s not so much a card this year as a letter and photos. But it still happened. Coming to a letterbox near you! Or it may already be there! We posted on Tuesday. Enjoy xx

Family who post together are the most together!

Posing after posting ?

Not our house

I found a house in Toowoomba today that I really liked.

It went under application an hour later and a few hours after that it was gone.

It wasn’t our house.

If I had to go through everything that has gone on today I would exhaust myself and bore you.

I know we will find our house. I just need to keep looking and keep positive.

And keep looking at this face. (With our friends who live in Toowoomba.)

Made it!

Only a nine hour drive today!

We made it to Woody pt just in time for tacos for dinner.

I’m ready to fall into a heap but my to do list needs some attention.

Actually I just saw the time. It can wait until the morning. Darby is still awake downstairs with me and Chance and Quinn are still awake upstairs. The only clever one is Jules, sound asleep.

Tomorrow is when the real fun begins!

One liners

Sort of.

We sold our fridge and it got picked up (and nearly dropped down the stairs) while Darby was napping on the couch. He came out and looked at me.

“The fridge is missing!!!”

He asked for a chocolate milk. I had decided that it would be a good idea up pack all the cups and kids plates and Tupperware etc in the empty tall boy drawers. He watched me open the drawer and take out a cup where I would normally take out my clothes.

Poor kid is so confused right now.

Having his chocolate milk next to where the fridge should be!

Garage sale

Oh boy. It’s already been a big day and it’s  only 3pm. I think I’ve discovered that having a garage sale seems like a good idea but is actually more work than is worth it.

I’ve been up since 4:45am after not getting to sleep until midnight with my cranky bubba. Hubs did an amazing job last night getting downstairs ready for go time but there was still a lot of setting up and pricing to do this morning.

Thanks to the beautiful Kate for flying up here and watching the kids for me!

We had someone parked outside our house from 5.45am waiting for us to “open” (supposed to be at 7am) but once 6.15am came around they were at the gate, asking to come in.

It’s just part of having a garage sale. Unless you have big doors you can lock and ignore people behind, you have to accept that people will come early. So I let them in and people just keep turning up.

I’d say we had 70% of our business done by 7.30. I got rid of a few big things and a few small things but there’s still a lot of stuff. So off it goes to Vinnies!

The biggest surprise seller of the day were the mangos! We had a box of them sitting there and people kept asking how much they were so I was selling the big ones for $1.50 each and the small ones $1 each. Ha!

Anyway everyone seems to be having a nap and I’m going to join them.

The moral of the story? STOP BUYING SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!


I’m here

Where you ask? In the “oh my gosh this sucks” stage of packing.

I remember it well in Wangaratta, a little bit in Townsville, (more here) and I avoided it entirely in Mount Isa as we got packers in. Which was awesome.

But here I am. I have a sad bubba  (virus? Teeth? Nothing??) And am surrounded by boxes and memories and a looming garage sale on tomorrow from 7am.

And I’m just so done.

The wonderful Kate arrives tonight to do some serious baby cuddling for the weekend and then will drive to Brisbane with me and Darby and Julius on Monday.

So much going on between now and then. I know I’ll get there but right now, I have no idea how.

Final Fit Mums

So hard to say goodbye today! Thanks for the memories! And toned arms! ?

Michelle and I started around the same time when our boys (Darby) were 6 months old. We’ve since had another baby each and always came back. Best boxing partner! Thanks Michelle ❤

Ben, the best trainer around. He can kid wrangle, carry babies, all while making sure we’re working hard. Thanks for everything!

I got to choose the workout today. We did a chipper in groups of three  then a boxing tabata. So awesome. (The boxing workout has been mostly rubbed it by the kids!)

You all know how much this group has meant to me – I bang on about it all the time. Keep working hard ladies. Keep having those beautiful babies. And think of me when “Boom shake the room” comes on. Love you all xxx