Come fly with me

There is so much I want to tell you about Chanbe’s “big boy bed”, but first of all, let me show you:

Oooooooh yeeeaaaahhhhhhh. When Hubs and Uncle Ben told me they wanted to make Chanbe a “big boy bed” 3 days after we arrived in Towsnville, I was skeptically supportive, wondering when it might be finished, and how much of a “big boy” he would be once he actually got in to it. Well, I was proven wonderfully wrong. Just over a week ago, the bed was flown in from the work area, and it has been an absolute hit. Chanbe has slept in it almost every night and day, with a few exceptions, but we are very proud of this milestone.

There are dozens of “in progress” photos that I hope to one day share with you, or better yet, let Hubs (finally) do a guest post about!!

And hopefully we’ll have some baby news for you soon. I’m officially 40 weeks now (well, depending on who you ask) so, literally, any day now!

First Day

Remember this post? Remember this photo?

Here’s what 4 and half years of studying medicine will do to a man:

Hubba hubba! The Doctor is IN! Today is Hubs’ first day on the job. Well, actually he has a week of orientation first, but this time next week, he will be elbow deep in some kind of surgical rotation. This also means it is my first day of solo parenting in a very long time. I would have taken a photo of myself as well, but it’s just too scary! Okay okay, Here’s one from the other day: (Excuse the bathroom scene; up until a couple of days ago, it was the only mirror in the house!)

Woah nelly! Ha ha. Anyway, we have had a great day – we headed down to The Strand (fenced-off playground! WOO!!) and met up with one of my friends who lives up here. We haven’t seen each other in about 6 years, so it was so lovely to catch up. Then Chanbe went down for a sleep at 1, as did I, and while I only woke up 20 minutes ago, he’s still asleep! I can really get behind this sleeping til 4pm thing. It makes the afternoon very enjoyable indeed!

So here we are, back on line, still with boxes to empty, but getting there. It’s my birthday on Friday, and Hubs is taking me to some fancy-shmancy Interns dinner. Ah, such a romantic! We also have our dear friends popping in on their way home from Brisbane to Cairns, so I’ll have enough to keep me occupied. And Baloo seems like he/she is staying put for now. But what do I know! I hope to resume some type of regular blogging soon, but let’s just see how we go 🙂