Come fly with me

There is so much I want to tell you about Chanbe’s “big boy bed”, but first of all, let me show you:

Oooooooh yeeeaaaahhhhhhh. When Hubs and Uncle Ben told me they wanted to make Chanbe a “big boy bed” 3 days after we arrived in Towsnville, I was skeptically supportive, wondering when it might be finished, and how much of a “big boy” he would be once he actually got in to it. Well, I was proven wonderfully wrong. Just over a week ago, the bed was flown in from the work area, and it has been an absolute hit. Chanbe has slept in it almost every night and day, with a few exceptions, but we are very proud of this milestone.

There are dozens of “in progress” photos that I hope to one day share with you, or better yet, let Hubs (finally) do a guest post about!!

And hopefully we’ll have some baby news for you soon. I’m officially 40 weeks now (well, depending on who you ask) so, literally, any day now!

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