Happy birthday Darby

How are you three????

I feel like all of a sudden he’s grown up. A uke was the obvious choice for a present. He loves his bittaaar.

He was a bit unwell yesterday and still recovering today. We had a belated party down at the park with Chance’s school friends and he kind of fell asleep like this.

After that party (more on that later) we headed home to continue the celebrations with some of our nearest and dearest. Which included his Minions cake!

I’m not going to lie guys. I’m pretty damn happy with my efforts on this one.

And he loved it too if course. Gosh there’s so much to say about such a little guy with such a huge personality. We just adore this kid beyond words. He is kind and generous and curious. So curious. And we encourage that wonder and joy of discovering new things as much as possible.

Darby you are a treasure. Happy birthday nugget xxxxxx

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