Popping the corn

So Hubs and I have been eating a bit of pop corn lately – it’s a cheap and tasty snack that’s SUPER easy to make!… or so I thought… Here’s what happened:

Wifey: “I’m off to see my friend now. Be back in a few hours”
Hubs: “Can you please make some pop corn before you go so Dr Luke and I can eat it while watching (insert boy movie here)?”
Wifey: “Honey, I have to go. It’s really easy to make. Just heat up the oil, put half a cup of corn in, put the lid on, and turn it off when it stops popping.”
Hubs: “Okaaaay”

An hour later

Ring ring
Wifey: “Hey Hubs”
Hubs: “Oh yeah. Cooking pop corn is soooooooooo easy. How come I have a kitchen full of smoke and a saucepan full of black corn? See what happens when you leave me alone to fend for myself????”
Wifey: (trying to stop laughter)

This is what greeted me on my return: (our new pots!!)

And it took a few days for the burnt pop corn smell to leave the house!!! The moral of the story? Never assume that a super-intelligent man who is completing his PhD in electrical engineering, as WELL as studying medicine, can cook pop corn.


  1. Or he’s taken my advice 🙂 When given a task you don’t want to do and complain, you’ll have to keep doing it. Do it enthusiastically and catastrophically bad and you’ll never have to do it again.

  2. Well we like to pop our own corn (or should I say, “I” like to.) It’s crazy cheap to buy a bag of corn and that way we can be somewhat healthy and just put a bit of salt on it. It’s mainly the cheap thing though…. 🙂

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