Cold cold freezing freezing cold cold brrrrrrrrr!

Q: What did Wifey do this morning when it was about 4 degrees outside and still dark, but snuggly and warm in bed with Hubs? I mean, what would YOU do?

Did she ignore her alarm that went off at 6:40am, roll over and go back to sleep? No she didn’t!! Instead, Wifey got out of the nice sunggly warm bed and played hockey! Oh yes, you read correctly. Goodness knows why (apparently when you’re part of a team, you have to turn up to the games. If only I’d known THAT when I signed up!!)

I must admit it took a few minutes of grumbling before I actually hauled my arse out of bed, but I got there in the end! And had lots of fun winning 10-0 against another college. The biggest and best surprise though, was that Hubs got out of bed and came down to watch! He even made me a cup of tea for afterwards!

A few of the girls from my team sighed and exclaimed how lovely that was and how much he must love me. To which Hubs replied:
“I really like hockey.”
What a sweetie 🙂


  1. Ha ha. Does it still count if I dread it the night before and whinge when I have to get up?? I don’t exactly “spring” out of bed each morning. (Have you ever tried springing out of a futon? Awkward.)

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