Guilty pleasure

Growing up, we didn’t really eat that much junk food (well, I wouldn’t consider it to be much junk anyway) but over the school holidays, we were allowed to pick a treat-type brekky cereal, and I usually chose Coco Pops or Froot Loops, i.e. bowls of sugary goodness. We were talking about this over lunch at college the other day and I said how much I used to LOVE Froot Loops. A few days later, an anonymous good Samaritan had left a box of Froot Loops on our doorstep! Now, I have my suspicions who it might have been, but I know this person would want to stay anonymous, so I have been quietly enjoying them as a tasty treat.
How can something so pretty and colourful be so bad for you! I haven’t even been eating them at breakfast time, as I like to get the day started on a much more nutritious note. I’ve been eating small bowls, like the one seen above, with a small spoon, while Hubs is at his tutorials at night! Tee hee! What a guilty pleasure!

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