A comedy of errors with a happy ending

Hubs and I try to have a designated “date night” every week or 2 and it usually occurs on a Wednesday night. A few weeks ago, life was hectic and the only day we could do was the Tuesday, so we put it aside. Hubs planned to cook up his famous pumpkin and mushroom rissoto, so before he got home from uni, I got a few things ready for him. I had frozen some leftover stock from the last time we’d made rissoto, so that was all thawed out and ready to go. I chopped up all the mushrooms and put them in the steamer part of our saucepan set to rinse before setting them aside. Then I chopped up the pumpkin and got the rice out ready for Hubs to come home and make some magic.

So Hubs comes home, tired after a long day of studying and slowly gets to work. First of all, he grabs the “saucepan” of mushrooms, puts it on the bench and proceeds to pour the defrosted stock “into” the saucepan, all in one go, before I realise what he’s doing. You can guess what happened to the stock….

 (This photo was taken AFTER the mushrooms were put into a “proper” saucepan)

Chicken stock – 1
Hubs – 0

Somehow this was my fault for putting the mushrooms in a saucepan with holes in the bottom and not telling him. I wasn’t so convinced and started to get a bit cranky, but tried to see the funny side.

Not a happy Hubs. So I helped him clean that up while he continued preparing. Now it was time for the rice. As we had some leftover, again, from the last rissoto he’d made, I had rolled up the packet and put it in a re-sealable glad bag, but as he went to take it out, he grabbed the “wrong” end.

And you can guess what happened to the rice…

Rice – 1
Hubs – 0

It went all over the counter, on the floor, beside the oven, EVERYWHERE! And that was my fault too. I was laughing quite hard at this stage, but Hubs wasn’t ready to see the funny side, so I decided it would be best to leave him to it and go and read my new favourite comic book.

We had a couple of glasses of wine over dinner and a DVD and started to relax a little and try not to take it all too seriously. Dinner was absolutely delicious and looking at these photos now (and having the sense to take them at the time) I can’t help but laugh. A lot. It really was a hilarious date night, and we have learnt that Tuesday nights are NO GOOD for date nights any more, and we should stick to Wednesdays from now on!

Maybe I should have learnt from last time, although, this might be another one of his ploys to do things “enthusiastically and badly” in the hope of not being asked to do it again!!

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