In fact, I broke 3 bones in my foot. I went to the doctor in Mt Beauty yesterday to get my cast “upgraded”, so they took off my intermediate cast, and this is what my foot looked like:

What? Doesn’t it look bad enough? How about from this angle?
Still not convinced? Well check THIS out!!? Hellooooooo cankle!!

After having a look at the CT Report, the doctors thought it best that I actually go back to Wangaratta and attend their fracture clinic this Friday so an Orthopod can check it out and decide on a “game plan”.

Why, you ask? (or maybe you didn’t…)

Well, I’ve always been a little contrary. I’ve never done things the normal way. My life doesn’t really “follow the rules”. So when I break bones, I break them good. And as the doctor yesterday stated, I have broken “an unusual combination of bones.” From what I can remember, I’ve broken the 2nd Metatarsal, the 2nd/Medial Cuneiform, and the Cuboid. (See here.) (Hubs is going to correct me I’m sure.)

So yeah, the fun continues! Mum has been an absolute God send these last few days while Hubs has been at work. I’ve just been sitting around, contemplating my navel laptop. And Mum just made us chicken stir fry for dinner. Hubs isn’t a big fan of stir fry but it’s one of my favourite meals so I’m going to be enjoying it with Mum quite a bit while Hubs is in Wang! Yum!


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