And then came the cast

I spent 4 hours at the Wang fracture clinic on Friday, and the end result? A full cast.

I asked if I could have one of those boots instead and the ortho looked at me and said “I don’t trust you. If I give you a boot, you’ll walk on your foot and I don’t want you walking on it for 4 weeks. Then you’ll need to wear a boot for 2-3 weeks after that.” I failed to mention to him that I had, In fact been walking on it that morning. I know I know. But you try just sitting around while your Mum waits on you and your Hubs does whatever you ask him to do and your toddler happily plays around you only stopping occasionally to give you a cuddle and show you his belly!

Um okay. That actually sounds pretty sweet.

Maybe I should stop complaining. Actually I realised last night that the reason I WAS complaining so much was so that Hubs and Mum both know that I’m not happy with the situation – as if my happiness somehow meant that I was enjoying the fact that they have to do everything and I get to laze around like a slacker doing nothing. When in actuality, I just came across as a whingey-bum. So as of today, no more complaining, even if, subconsciously, it was well-intended.
I actually had quite a productive day today; going to church, doing a bit of sewing, and working on the 2 weddings I have coming up in the next 3 weeks. I actually kidded myself into thinking I’d be right to walk for the one I have in Melbourne on the 24th of March. But look at the bright side! I get to buy a new long (very long) dress! Hello eBay!

This is my cast, covered by a Brisbane Broncos sock! Let’s go!

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  1. Hi there,how are you feeling? I wanted to tell you to take it easy and really stay off it. I am dealing with complications from 6 months ago and walking on my cast and not listening to the doctors!

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