The week that was

Today is Sunday, the start of a new week. Thank goodness. We’ve had a bit of a rough time with Chanbe this week, with 8 sleepless nights in a row, a trip to emergency on Tuesday, and a general out-of-routine feeling for all. Each night from Thursday week ago, I kept thinking “this has to be the worst of it. Tomorrow he’ll feel better and tomorrow night we will sleep.” This didn’t happen until the following Thursday – his (and our) first full night sleep in a week. Every other night, he spent a solid 3 hours coughing, and the rest of the night thrashing around in our bed. It’s so hard to see your child unwell and not be able to do anything about it. I had taken him to the doctor twice, and was told that it was just “post-viral”. I’m not doubting the diagnosis, but that cough was just so horrible, and by Tuesday, I felt like something needed to be done, so we went off to the hospital in the hopes of seeing a pediatrician.

We were given some medication to hopefully help, and sent home with a bit of hope. The next 2 days and nights were still no good, but by Thursday afternoon, he had started to settle down a bit (which probably would have happened without the meds, really). Thursday night was bliss, and Friday he had a great day at childcare while I raced around to appointments I had postponed from Tuesday, including my 20week scan for baby number 2. I know, a really original name. Any suggestions? Hubs just suggested “second Chance” 🙂 Anyway, that scan went wonderfully well and (insert cute baby nick-name here) is growing beautifully. I’m glad I didn’t wear mascara as I got rather teary watching this little person on the screen for an hour. So amazing how much you can see in those scans. (And no, we are not finding out the sex.)

And yesterday ended our rough week beautifully, as we had a dozen people over for a BBQ and it was fantastic. The weather was BRILLIANT!!!!!! Friday? 13 degrees max, windy, overcast and miserable? Today? Overcast but warm. But yesterday? Absolute bliss – up to 22 degrees and sunny with no clouds and no wind. T-shirts and boardies weather my friends. Hubs gave me a big sleep in today (he’s the best) and a cooked brekky when I dragged myself out of bed at 9am (again, the best) and we are now just lazing around, doing a bit of tidying up, and just enjoying a quiet Sunday at home.

I feel it’s going to be a gooooood week!


  1. Wow that is impressive that you have stayed bug-free! Well done!
    Very cute suggestions too 🙂 Chanbe actually came up with a new name this morning – post to come!

  2. Coughs are the pits. I’m so grateful we have not had a cough or stomach bug of any substance. Super grateful we have now passed the pre-school age where it can break your heart to watch their little body suffer.

    Suggestion for Baby 2: Fraggle or JB (Jelly Bean) – you know where that comes from!

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