Another baby boy

Already having a boy and a girl is an interesting position to be in when pregnant with your third child. Everyone asked if I knew what we were having this time around and I’d always have the same response:

“No we’ve never found out. We like the surprise. But if I already had 2 boys I think I’d want to know!” Obligatory laughs all round.

And that was the truth. I’m not saying that I would have found out, but I know that I would want to have a girl if we had 2 boys already. Of course I would love my baby no matter what, and to be honest I don’t know if I’d have the courage to say “I’m really hoping for a girl.” (Or a boy if I already had 2 girls.)

I really thought this one was going to be a girl and I was really excited about the name we had picked out for “her”. Hubs always insisted it was a boy, so when he was born and Hubs said “I told you so” all I could feel was pure joy. We didn’t even have his name finalised (that’s a story for another day) but possibly because our first born was a boy, it was like I was reliving that moment, and what a moment it was. Both times, just as special.

I guess I’ll never know how I would really feel/react in the case of already having 2 babies of the same sex. I do know that I love babies and I want to have more children, and in the meantime, this is the darling face I get to stare at any time I like 🙂



  1. OOOH. We get so many different reactions. When I was pregnant, and announced that we were having a boy, a few people said ‘But you already have a boy!’. I was gobsmacked. What am I meant to say? ‘Yes! You are right! I’ll give this one back and try again!’??

    Sometimes the lure of a daughter makes me toy with the idea of a third. Deep down though, I know that I don’t have enough emotional/physical/financial strength to deal with another child- and no matter how cool girl children are, they still require feeding/clothing/loving- and if I’m not prepared to give that to a boy, I’m not ready for a girl either.

    1. People say such weird things!!! It sounds like you guys are very happy with your beautiful family of 4 and at the end of the day, people are always going to have their comments that we are going to have to ignore!

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