10 things I’ve missed about Melbourne

Hubs and I arrived in Melbourne yesterday for a week. Child free. He has exams today and tomorrow morning and then the city is ours to enjoy. So for today’s 10 things in the 10th, I give you Melbourne and all its awesomeness.

1. Cheap food. Particularly cheap sushi. The sushi we bought yesterday was $2.20-$2.50 per roll, and delicious.

2. Good coffee. Everywhere.

3. The public transport. Particularly the trams.

4. The shopping.

5. Good friends to stay with (thanks Jason and Susan) and to visit.

6. Everyone just minds their own business and kind of does their own thing when you’re out and about. I never feel judged down here.

7. It’s easy to walk everywhere when we stay in Carlton.

8. “The sprout and the bean”. This song was used in a “Visit Victoria” song before we moved to Melbourne and it became our Melbourne song. I played it on my phone yesterday as we were sitting in a lane way having a drink and it brought back so much for me.

9. Dinner with family. Our Melbourne rellies have a family dinner in Tuesdays and we went last night for a great catch up, amazing food and some of the best company in town. Love you guys.

10. The feeling I get when I come to Melbourne. This last one is a bit of a lead-in to my next post. And strap yourselves in guys, cos it’s going to be post #1000 on the blog 🙂

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