Terribly exciting

It has begun. This is our house as we bought it, 18 months ago. Note the fully in-tact casement windows.


Then, that pesky little cyclone hit, and this is what it looked like 3 days later. Note, the not-so-intact casement windows.


Then we got a new roof and new windows and what a difference that made!

And this is what our house looked like yesterday


The renovations have begun.


It’s scary and exciting! No turning back now!


This was at “down tools” this arvo.


They are prepping this week, and the lift will happen next week. We are staying with our (wonderful) neighbours from Monday to Friday and they hope to have us back in the house, with front steps, by that weekend. And then they will start work on the deck. We shall see! After 18 months of talking about it, and 6 months of loan-approval and planning, it’s finally begun! Hooray!


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