Nice deck

Let me cast your minds back to a time no so long ago, where I would sit on our tiny balcony with my coffee, enjoying my view, and dreaming of a deck.

Behold! This is me sitting on our new desk enjoying my coffee!

And it’s a big deck, I gotta tell you.

Oh how sweet it is. Another angle? Sure thing.

Um yeah we really need to get some furniture sorted. And here’s the side deck.

The new doors have made a huge difference as well. This is what we had before:

And now:

The breeze! Oh that marvelous breeze that rarely takes a break.

Before and after? Of course! This is day one of construction for the whole project:


And this is pretty much the end stage:


To be honest, I’m almost as excited about the slab as I am about the huge deck. The kids have a great time scooting around in the afternoons.


There is, of course, still so much more to do, but at this stage, I’m really focusing on enjoying our amazing view, and sharing it with whomever wishes to join us.

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