Pizza night

I love having the time and inclination to make pizzas from scratch. I know that they are not difficult to make, but in a small kitchen with no full size oven, it does make it more challenging, so I only do it every six months or so. It’s also fiddly and messy so I like to not have to parent too much at the same time.

Today was batch up day for our home made tasty BBQ sauce so I figured it was a good night to make pizzas and utilise it!

Tasty BBQ sauce


I didn’t actually get any photos of the making of the pizzas but here are the end results. So delicious and so worth the effort.



My full size oven is actually on our deck at the moment. (And conveniently not in this shot…)


And this is why I don’t make pizza very often…


Can’t wait for the leftovers tomorrow!

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