Bargain hunter

Unfortunately for Payless Shoes, they are closing their Rockhampton Stockland store. Fortunately for me, this meant I picked up $640 worth of shoes for $202.

(Note the single Spiderman shoe – Darby took off with the other one. Should probably go and look for it…)

This haul includes three pairs of $80 school shoes that were all $20 each. I know it’s a bit crazy to buy school shoes for Quinn that won’t fit for years, but the savings were just too great!

The funny thing is, this happened 3 years ago as well. About a month after we moved to Mount Isa, the Mathers closed down and I bought $40 pairs of shoes for under $10 and stashed them away. Every 6 months the kids have a trying-on session to see if they had grown into any pairs. I think I bought about 7 pairs, a couple that the kids are wearing now, a couple that they have grown in to and then grown out of, and these three that are still too big!

The kids had a great time trying on heaps of shoes. Darby only ended up with one pair as he has quite a few pairs already. His were reduced from $40 to $10!! I really like buying good quality kids shoes but I don’t like the full price tag. Quinn really hit the jackpot and I couldn’t say no to the $12 Spiderman shoes.

I’m pretty happy with my haul. The trick is not to forget about them!

The shoes from three years ago!

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