Coming down from the clouds

My head is feeling quite fuzzy at the moment. We’ve had a wonderful start to the year with a visit from friends, a trip to Brisbane, the kids have settled in to their routines again, and Quinn’s 4th birthday which included having mum and dad here for a few days. This is always very helpful for me – my kitchen becomes self-cleaning, my clothes get magically washed, my children get clothed, fed, bathed and read to regularly without me lifting a finger, and I get extra sleep.

Oh and my kids get dropped off and picked up from school/kindy.

It’s a win for me, that’s for sure!

Is it just me or does anyone else hate and dread the school drop off and pick up? I said to Hubs today that the only way I’m going to succeed in that arena this year is a) get a new routine or b) change my attitude towards it.

You see Quinn finishes at 2.30 and Chance finishes at 3. I like to walk and push the pram because it really is crazy close, but even if I drag it out as much as I can, I still get to the school with over 10 minutes to kill. And with a very energetic 2-year-old who wants to run run run it’s quite exhausting. The whole process from start to finish takes an hour. And I think it’s about a 1.2km round trip.

I was absolutely exhausted when I got home this afternoon! I have no idea how I’m going to manage with 4 kids.

Like I said, new plan or better attitude. For now I’m working on my attitude but also getting a plan together to kick off from term two.

In the mean time, the kids and I are finding our feet with a daily/weekly routine. We are at night #1 of Darby in a big boy bed – transitioning for when the baby comes and we need the cot. So far so good!

I really have to go to sleep now. It’s just been a day!

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