It’s not over yet

I believe we are feeling the after effects of cyclone Debbie and boy is it crazy. I mean it’s not Marcia crazy, but being in our own house makes it a bit more nerve wracking. I’m just grateful for our new roof and windows! This is what we are currently experiencing.

Again, I’m very grateful that we didn’t cop the brunt of it (poor Airlie Beach!) but this rain is relentless! It’s been pretty much pouring on and off since Monday with more on the way tomorrow.

And don’t even get me started on the mozzies. Ugh. When it clears up on Friday we’ll know about it! In the mean time I promise I will try to enjoy the sound of the rain on our roof as I go to sleep, be thankful for the lush green grass, and try not to curse too much when it pours at school pick up time.

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