Nearly there

The last 2 weeks have been haaaaaard woooorrrrk. Since last Monday, Hubs has been working all day and all evenings every day except the weekend which he only worked all day. The reason for this? Our new kitchen. The real reason? We didn’t budget this year. I’m so cranky at us for not planning better for this renovation work. I really thought that solo parenting for 2 full weeks wouldn’t be much harder than what I already do, but I wad so wrong. It is SO much harder.

It’s relentless. There is no promise of Hubs being home soon to help with dinner/bath/bedtime. And as if that’s not enough, I’m currently living without a kitchen. It’s kind of shit and even though I’m trying to just keep my head down and get on with it, when I come up for air I’m just exhausted. And cranky. The poor kids. I’m so tired of myself yelling at them. It sucks big time.

I know it’s temporary. The kitchen will be in in 2 weeks time and we go to Melbourne next week so there is something to look forward to. Until then, here it is!

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