I’m just not ready

It’s been a really hard decision, but I’ve decided to postpone our trip to Rocky. I had planned to drive up and stay from the 4th to the 11th of July, but I have been feeling anxious and uneasy about it and once I gave myself permission to postpone it, I felt a weight lifted off my heart.

I’m just not ready to go back. And that’s okay. One day I will be ready, and I will know, and it will be for the right reasons.

I realised that a big part of my trip back was for other people; to let my Rockhampton “family” know that we are doing okay. But with Jules still so young, Darby so energetic, Quinn so fickle with her moods and Chance so aware of Frith’s death and it’s relation to Rockhampton, I just wasn’t ready to face it all.

I know everyone understands, and I know that I just have to work through the guilt of disappointing people, and I know the kids will be a bit sad, but there are plenty of things happening down and around here that I can now say yes to.

So if you’re around Brizzy for the school holidays, I have plenty of days free for a catch up! Let’s book something in 🙂


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