Flashback Friday

This time last year, I was rather pregnant, and about to hit up the Rocky night life for a friend’s hen’s night.

I’d had a fight with Frith in the afternoon about some meaningless crap, and decided to bugger off early to have some time to myself before meeting the girls. When I got home, he was waiting up for me and apologised. He rarely apologised to be honest, and this meant a lot to me. Gosh the things we remember…

Flashback Friday

The night we first kissed. 25th November 2006.

I was at a work conference and I snagged him a ticket to the conference dinner. He had just arrived back from 10 days overseas the day before and insisted on coming to see me. This is where we, for want of a better phrase, finally hooked up. We hit the d-floor, a slow number came on, and he went in for the pash. Yeah, super classy. My work colleagues were very mature about the whole thing.

If he saw this outfit now he would find it hilarious. Loose shirt, no vest, and super daggy tie. And I was in love. The start of something pretty darn amazing.

Flashback Friday

This is waaaaaaay way back! Circa 1980. I’m the teeny tiny bubba, maybe a month or two old? And that’s my brother, about 18 months old, with Grandpa and Nanny.

If you’re new to the blog, you may not know that Nanny, who was my Dad’s mum, was very special to me. She and Grandpa both passed away in 2011. I’ve blogged about them a lot over the years, but this post  probably gives you the best idea about what kind of amazing lady she was.

I can just imagine, when Frith got to heaven, Nanny marching over and saying to him in her thick Russian accent “Come here I shmack you.”

Give him one from me too, Nanny. Then take good care of each other xxx

Flashback Friday

How could I possibly not share this collage of Darby at 6 months old.

First food faces are the absolute best aren’t they?

And how can I possibly not share this one too, taken just a few days later.

And look at our little nugget now. Well, not so little that’s for sure! Still making us laugh with his antics, and still has a heart of gold.

Flashback Friday

Six years ago, almost to the day, I fell over in KMart and broke three bones in my foot. You can read about it here. And you can see some great shots here.  After my three month recovery I was told that I would never run again. I figured I’d never run before that so it wasn’t that much of a disappointment.

Gotta love the green whistle ☺

When the cast came off and I was surprised and disappointed that I couldn’t just walk out of the hospital.

It took months before I was completely pain free, and since then I’ve been great. I even ran (shuffled) my first (and so far only) 5k back in 2013  with my dear friend Beth.

Today I hit the pavement again and ran for the first time since becoming pregnant with Julius. I ran 2k in 16:39 and I was actually pretty pleased about that time (mostly that I didn’t stop) and my recovery. And tomorrow I’m going to head on down to the Redcliffe Parkrun. I’m planning on making this a regular thing and I have a few time goals that I’ve set as well.

My trainer took this very sneaky photo of me.

So I guess this might be my new Day 1 when it comes to running! Hmmm… We’ll see….

Flashback Friday

Frith with Darby in our temporary accommodation in Rockhampton before moving in to our new house. January 2015.

I sometimes wonder about posting these sorts of photos. I know it can be sad and painful, but we had so so so many wonderful times together. Not enough years, but so many moments, and I want to share those memories here. I want my kids to know how much he loved them. Truly. He was completely in love. With all of us. He felt so deeply and I want that to shine through when I share these memories.

We think of him every day. Some days it feels like every minute. Is that even possible? Is it possible for me not to think of him? He’s always there, somewhere, in some way. He truly is unforgettable and for that I am grateful.

Flashback Friday

I wrote this post 4 years ago to the day and stumbled upon it while looking for inspiration for this week’s Flashback Friday. I read those words and remember that feeling I had at that time. The feeling is different now. The focus is different. But it’s interesting that I wrote that post way back then (we had just moved to Mount Isa) in light of my current circumstances.

This photo was taken around that time. We were in our dickie little courtyard out the back of our tiny townhouse and the kids were sharing some frozen blueberries. Quinny had just turned one, Chance was three, and I was soon to be preggo with Darby. It’s amazing how, in hindsight, things back then seem so simple.

Flashback Friday

First week of school/kindy last year

First week of Grade 2 and Prep 2018

There wasn’t a whole lot of willingness to pose for photos this year, but the kids had a great first week. The school is 1.5km away and we have walking and scooting each morning. A really nice start to the day!