Baby swap meet

No, this was not an opportunity to swap your baby for someone else’s (Hubs). It was actually a Baby Bazaar but Hubs referred to it as a swap meet. Friends of ours, whose baby is due 2 weeks after Littlefoot, told us about this event so we went along with them last Saturday. And it was so great! A whole lot of pre-loved baby stuff in excellent condition at excellent prices! And the best thing is, they hold it every 3 months, so you don’t have to “stock up” on stuff that you won’t need for another 6 months cos it’ll be there next time you go!

They had everything from cots, prams, change tables and high chairs, to baby clothes, wraps and toys, to maternity wear and books. We spent a bit of time wandering around and then made a few purchases – I bought some maternity tops for $4 and $5 each and Baby Love – a book that was highly recommended to me which I’ve been looking for, second-hand, for a while. $5!! BARGAIN! And for Hubs we bought a pirate bean bag and a wooden block puzzle. Actually, the puzzle was free cos there’s a piece missing, which is funny as it’s an alphabet puzzle. So Littlefoot will grow up wondering about this letter “G” that everyone is talking about. 🙂 Luckily the names we have chosen don’t contain that letter. Hee hee! How’s that for a useless hint for you!

So we spent a bit over an hour there and met up with another couple and their 6-month-old boy who were friends of our friends. We then went to lunch all together and had a great time.

Hubs wanted to take a photo of me on this bench, so how could I say no?

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to head home via the Beechworth Celtic Festival. The weather really was amazing and warm so we had some delicious ice cream and a nice wander around. (This was after we’d eaten most of it.)

There was some Irish music and dancing, to be sure
And of course, a Pipe Band – they were awesome!! 
Update: our friends due 2 weeks after Littlefoot had a baby boy at 3am this morning! I believe everything is going well – can’t wait to meet the little guy!


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