It started with a Doo

Darby-doo. Cute name for a cute kid. It caught on quickly, and that’s just what we started calling him all the time. Kind of like Quinn is always Quinny. Or Quinny-babinny-boo if she’s being extra cute. And Chance gets a Chancey-pants on occasion.

Anyway, one day I added a scooby and all of a sudden it was Darby-scooby-doo. Still super cute. Then Chance added a poopsie, and it became Darby-scooby-doo-the-poopsie.

And as if that wasn’t enough, a nincompoop was added for good measure.

So here it is folks. Darby-scooby-doo-the-poopsie-nincompoop. And in case you’re having trouble with the pronunciation:


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