10 things on the 10th

10 things I love about our house


1. The white picket fence. It’s so cliche and I love it.

2. It’s really drafty. Which granted, in winter isn’t such a great thing, but for those hot summers, it’s nice to feel the breeze come up through the gaps in the floor boards.

3. All the random nails and hooks and shelves around the place. Exhibit A.


4. The random beam under the stairs that is about a meter off the ground and the perfect height for pull-ups.

5. There are 3 toilet roll holders in the bathroom. Do you know how often I don’t have to change the toilet roll? Genius.


6. The bay window. I have grand plans to give this baby a facelift. Some time…


7. The gap in the floorboards at the back door where I sweep out all the sand and dirt from the pile of shoes right as you come in.


8. My kitchen. Yes, it’s small and has limited bench space and no full-size oven and it’s dark and old and pokey and there’s very little storage for anything, but it hasn’t stopped me from cooking up a storm for dinner parties or just for my little family. It drives me crazy but I love it because it’s mine.


9. The china cabinet which forms the centre of 4 different rooms. This is such a gorgeous feature of the house! In the “toy” room it’s full of china and glass, in the Lego room it houses board games etc, from the media room it’s a built in robe which has our winter coats and spare winter doonas, and from the hallway there are doors to the top section which is huge and houses our suitcases etc. It makes up about half of the amount of storage in the whole house. And it’s so pretty too.


10. The view. I know I’ve posted variations of this photo a number of times before, but I just can’t get enough of it. I really feel like I’m part of the world when I sit and have my coffee and look out this way. And when you’re a stay at home mum, often with limited human interaction outside of your kids, this is a big deal. Keeps me sane! Mostly…


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