“Youth is wasted…

On the young…”

Now I KNOW that my Dad isn’t the only person who says this. And I’ve always thought “yeah yeah” when I hear it, catching his meaning; young people don’t know how much potential lies before them etc etc.

But I’m going to take it back a few years to early childhood, and I’ll tell you why.

My kids call out to me and I come running.

Generally I drop whatever it is I’m doing (within reason) and see what it is they are desiring at that moment in time. They don’t care about future potential! They care about instant gratification.

For instance it’s after 10.30pm and Quinn just called out to me. I rushed in to the kids bedroom (the 3 of them share so it was more out of necessity as I didn’t want the boys to wake up) and the problem?

My little angel was cold. The poor dear had kicked off her blankies and needed me to put them back on her.

And it doesn’t end there.

Ruggy lost the middle of the night? Call Mama. She’ll find it amongst the covers and sheets.

Need a drink of water? Mama will get that for you.

Can’t find something? Mama seems to have an electronic database that keeps track of every item you own. Go hit her up.

Sibling bugging you? Mama would love to hear all about it. In detail. More than once.

Hungry? Well you get the drift.

This is the stuff that is wasted on the young!

Seriously! If we knew what the whole adulting and parenting gig really entailed then who would actually willingly sign up for it!?

I know I wouldn’t have appreciated all these 5 star luxuries when I was growing up so let me take this opportunity now to thank you, Mum and Dad for always being at my beck and call.

Now it’s time for you to enjoy a little something I like to call “what goes around comes around. ” I think I can hear Darby waking up for some cuddles… lucky they are so damn cute…


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