We are here

Over ¬†croissants and coffee way back in February, in a house in Balwyn, a plan was hatched for a combined family holiday. And here we are. We are holidaying with two families who we met back in 2008 through Hubs’ medical degree in Melbourne. Back then between us, there had only been two weddings and a baby. A third wedding was added (my first as a celebrant) and six more children, and all of a sudden there are 13 of us in a house at the Sunny Coast.

There have been sandy trips to the beach, games of noughts and crosses, a baking adventure (and another to come shortly), Lego building galour, late nights of wine and Survivor, and lots of laughing kiddies.

I’m already feeling more relaxed. I’m really looking to some beach walks, trips to the local op-shops, and more good food and yummy drinks to come. Photos will be here soon…

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