Talk about a cool change!

People have been asking me forĀ months how I’ve been coping with the heat and to be honest, up until three weeks ago I was going okay. Then it got hotter and I got bigger and all of a sudden I feel completely sapped of energy and patience.

Monday and Tuesday this week were particularly hot and humid and I was on the brink of tears for most of both days. And actually reduced to tears towards the end of my parenting day yesterday. 5pm meltdowns aren’t just for kids I tell you. We had the a/c cranking last night while watching a movie and kept it on as I fell asleep.

Then the rain came and the temperature dropped and I’ve had a spring in my step all day. Well comparatively anyway. Today has been so lovely. Rainy and cool and just what I needed for a break from the heat.

I’m not sure how long it will last but I promise I will be enjoying every minute.

UPDATE: It didn’t even last until school pick up ? I walked outside and almost gave up on the spot. Back to teary and cranky.

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