Baby bumps

Tomorrow I hit 37 weeks pregnant which according to whomever makes the rules, puts me at full term. Unless the rules have changed and no one told me. But whatever. If this baby arrives before 41 weeks it’ll be a miracle. I’m here today to share some photos of me around the same stage with my previous babies.

This is me at 32 (ish?) weeks with Chance and here is the blog post it is from

And 37 weeks with Chance (Sian – it’s our favourite maternity top/dress!!!)

And this is 38 weeks with Quinny (and blog post). Yes, that’s a 2-year-old Chance, not Darby! I don’t have a lot of belly shots of Quinn as we were between houses for a month and I had other things on my mind!

And this is 37ish weeks with Darby with related blog post

And 4 days overdue with Darby, on our 7th wedding anniversary. I’m spewing that I got rid of this dress (it has pockets!) and the one above, when I “decided” that I was stopping at three kids! When will I learn, seriously!

So that’s a nice little comparison with where I’m at right now. Which is here:

Not long now little one x


  1. You are beautiful every time. I really loved this albumn. You are simply stunning every time. Also just generally xoxo I hope everything goes super smoothly for the final stage xoxo

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