Six week smirks

Six weeks and one hour ago, little Julius joined our lives and we fell in love.

Today he gave me some smiles to blog about.

He is feeding like an absolute champion which makes me happy and makes nights, so far, very manageable. He wakes up only once or twice over night for a big feed and then goes back to sleep with very little fussing. Sometimes he doesn’t even need a nappy change.

I know right? Don’t hate me. Just believe me that I’m truly appreciating it and soaking up the minutes and hours, just like I promised myself that I would.

These first six weeks have been beautiful and I have so many people to thank for that, mainly Hubs and my other gorgeous kids, my mum for helping out in the early days (and week leading up to it all), neighbours and friends for giving us delicious meals and bikkies, friends for helping with school pick up and drop off, Kate and the boys for coming up and sharing this time with us, and everyone else who has sent us love best wishes. We really do appreciate it all.

Bring on the next six weeks and beyond!

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