A High Tea

These ladies. Honestly. How did I ever get so lucky?

A couple of months ago my friend (far right) said to me “so what are we going to do for your baby shower?” And I was like “ummm my what now?”

I mean it’s the fourth child. I’m lucky if people a) know I’m pregnant b) remember I’m pregnant and c) really care either way! So when she asked the question and insisted an event take place I was really quite chuffed. And I may have leaked a bit out of my eyes. These girls really are the sweetest damn things.

We decided on Delizie for Sunday afternoon high tea and just invited a few people. Mum and I came here about 18 months ago and it was so memorable then. And it certainly impressed again today.

I had a light brekky and only a coffee for lunch in anticipation. Oh the food!

So much deliciousness.

Such lovely company and beautiful atmosphere and some very thoughtful gifts which were even more unexpected! And it took quite a lot of organising with the three kids at three different places as Hubs was working so thank you to everyone who helped out with that.

The only thing left now is to have this baby! 35 weeks and counting.

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