Tomorrow is D-Day

8am I’ll be rocking up to maternity and be asking them to kindly remove this baby from my uterus.

It’s different this time around in that I haven’t known a week in advance that I’ll be having the baby, fully knowing I wouldn’t go into labour on my own any time before. With Darby we took it day by day until I’d had enough and then it took slow intervention and two days for Darby to join us.

This time will be much quicker – I believe they will break my waters, hook me up to the drip and away we’ll go. And that is actually fine because I am so done.

I’m done with the insomnia, the leg twitches, the pelvic pain that makes it near impossible to roll over in bed or get up out of bed or from any kind of lying down or seated position. I’m tired of the heartburn, of the bladder punching, and to be honest, of not knowing the gender!

I guess what I’m saying is I really can’t wait to meet this little bugger ahem bubba.

Literally hours left! Woot!

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